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Instrument polish – Sanden guitars

Based on Fulgentin

Fulgentin is a cleaning and polishing agent based on mineral oils with small amounts of aliphatic hydrocarbons and distilled water.
It is completely free of silicone, abrasives which means it does not leave any coating remainings on the surface when you polished your guitar.


Fulgentin is free from abrasives so you can use it on any hard surface, as often as you want without damaging the finish.
Another of Fulgentin´s great advantages is its versatility.
You can easily clean and polish all hard surfaces with one and the same polish and get a brilliant result.

Last but not least is Fulgentin environmentally friendly and extremely easy to work
All you have to do is
- Moisten a cloth with the polish.
- Wipe off the grease and dirt.
- Polishing with dry cloth or tangle to get the right finish.

It's that simple!